Assignment 1: Sparks Presentation

Schedule / Sign-up Sheet 👈

In teams of 3–4, choose from one of the visualization practitioners/teams below that you find inspiring and prepare a short set of slides, to be presented at the beginning of class on the day for which you signed up. You may not sign up for a practitioner/team that has already been taken.

Your presentation should be 10min., with 5min. afterwards for discussion.

Submit your group’s presentation (google slides or PDF only) through the assignment form and individually, your peer assessments by Wednesday 11:59pm ET the day before your scheduled time to present.

Part I: Background

Describe this group/individual’s body of work. Consider:

Part II: Analyze One Project

Focus on one specific project of theirs which you find interesting. It doesn’t necessarily have to be what you think is their “best” project. Show us what it’s about, how it works, and then answer:

Part III: For Discussion

End your presentation with 3 questions for discussion with your classmates. Good starters are things (e.g. design or implementation decisions) you learned which you want to apply to your assignments, things that may have been points of disagreement amongst your teammates, or things that may have been confusing.

Historical Innovators

Contemporary Practitioners/Teams

Grading Criteria