Midterm Exam

The exam for Spring 2021 is an take-home online exam that will be open for 24 hours on Courseworks as a “Timed Quiz” starting Thursday 2/25 22:00 till Friday 2/26 22:00, Eastern Time.

Your exam remains a closed book, closed note exam. As with all of your work in this course, you are expected to honor your pledge to the University’s academic Code of Honor.

The exam will be time-limited to 75 min. Expect the questions to be similar in style to the practice exam, but there will be fewer questions.

You will have multiple choice questions as well as free response questions that will require you to draw and upload an image file. For the latter I recommend familiarizing yourself with Google Drawing (available through your LionMail account) and uploading screenshots, or using sharpie and paper and uploading photos. Regardless of the input method you choose, your drawings must be cleanly black-and-white and clearly readable for graders. Please practice since the exam is time-limited.