We will be working in the Observable platform, which is like a web-hosted JavaScript version of Jupyter notebooks. The goal of these assignments is to get you started with coding with D3, the dominant JavaScript library for building interactive visualizations for the web.

All lab assignments are done individually. You are expected to adhere to the CS Department Honesty Policy and submit your own work. You may not share your work for these assignments with your classmates. It is otherwise acceptable to google and lookup how to write commands.

To start your lab homework, fork the assigned notebook under your personal Observable account, not as our team @columbiaviz-s21 account. Make sure you do not “Publish” your lab notebook at any time – your notebook should only be visible to someone with the link. Finally, I repeat: remember to fork!🍴 or else if you attempt to edit the template directly you won’t have saving permissions and you will lose your work!

To submit, enable link sharing on your notebook (make sure to reshare if you’ve made changes after you first enabled link sharing), and submit your private Observable notebook url by Monday 11:59pm ET on the due date.

Lab 1: Shapes and Styles

Fork (remember to fork!🍴) from Lab 1 template.

Submit your Observable notebook url by Monday 1/25, 11:59pm ET.

Lab 2: Data Binding

Fork from Lab 2 template.

Submit your Observable notebook url by Monday 2/1, 11:59pm ET.

Lab 3: Interactivity

Fork from Lab 3 template.

Submit your Observable notebook url by Monday 2/15, 11:59pm ET.

Grading Criteria