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Course Expectations

What I expect from You


Participation is mandatory.
Since the course is small, it is expected that students will help contribute to the in person and online discussions. This includes:

Paper Reviews

You are expected to write and submit a paper review of the readings before each class, and answer some questions about the readings. The purpose of the readings is to provide an illustrative example of the research area. You are encouraged but not required to read the optional and supplemental readings to better understand the materials.

We have uploaded and linked to the readings onto, which lets you collaboratively read, ask questions, and discuss portions of the paper with your colleagues in the class. You can also discuss the papers on the class’s slack workspace.

Reviews will be shared with the rest of the class, to assist the presenters and seed the class discussion.

Reading Tips

Ask the following questions while readings

Project (semester long)

You will pursue a semester long research project related to this course. The project is a significant part of the course grade.

Collaboration/Copying Policy

You are encouraged to discuss the readings with other in the class. However, any writing that you do must be written by yourself (or by your group for group work). Plagiarism of any kind will receive a zero in the course and reported to the school.

Refer to Columbia’s academic honesty policy if you are at all unsure.